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Keely standing near a window, smiling.

Keely Rees
Vibrant Living

Finding the path to more joy, more fun, and move forward. Whether you are experiencing grief, changes in your career, burnout, or feeling stuck....You have the power in you to take the next step. Asking for help, reaching out, and leaning OUT to find our way forward. That is Vibrant Living. ​Keely Rees is an empathetic, engaging, knowledgeable and impactful motivational speaker, health educator, and compassionate leader.  With her innovative approaches, each speaking engagement & workshop is tailored to the specific audience and their needs.

Professional Services

Helping You Reach Your Goals

Keely is a compassionate leader that can work with your diverse health needs, With expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, audiences leave inspired and ready to take the next best steps in their organizations or personal life.

Keely presenting at a podium, smiling and engaged with the audience.
Keely working with two students in a classroom setting.
Keely sitting at table with a journal, cup of tea, leaning forward ready to engage with a client.

Inspire your people

Keely provides the experience that dives into the needs of your audience. Packed with practical tips and useful skills, people gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action.

Meaningful & Memorable

Let Keely help you deliver great content that will have attendees ready to take action. They will generate impactful buzz with real tools that will be completely customized for you and your audience.

Be your best self

Keely is a talented and skilled Master Certified Health Educator who loves working with small groups or individuals. With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities. She guides you in your path with your career and personal health & wellness journey.

Great insights, I am beyond excited to use the techniques and practices I learned this weekend not only with myself with friends and family. I was able to clearly hear my heart and mind speaking to me and now I have tools and resources.

Workshop participant 

Come to learn innovative strategies to listen to yourself and those you are trying to help. I learned how to guide myself and my patients to find and express and resolve areas of struggle in their own health. She teaches you to challenge yourself to find the answers within ourselves. 

The Body Speaks participant 

I sincerely hope your experience with this conference session is as eye-opening and life-altering as it was for me. I left with a sense of clarity and independence and skills I can share with others. 

Conference Session attendee


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