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TWO easy things you can do today to Nourish and Savor your Soul on these long Winter Workdays!

Some times we talk ourselves right out of doing the very thing that makes us feel good. One minute I am sitting in complete overwhelm and distress and consumed with the looming tasks ahead in the hour, day, week. Then in a matter of minutes, I talked myself right into a funk. The second you notice (awareness is always the first step) that feeling somewhere in your body, take the smallest, little actions. Our bodies are giving us so many cues all day/every day. Once you notice the cue that you are heading that direction:

1. Change The Scenery --> physically stand up, move, stretch, walk to a direct room at home or part of your workplace. So often we stay paralyzed in that chair, sofa, desk - frozen in the 'muck'. Our brains need new stimuli. It can be working in a new location, changing the 'view' on your desk or desktop, sitting in a different chair. You are not a tree, move. (a version of Jim Rohn's quote!)

2. Get Connected --> a real, live connection with a person! Make a 5-minute phone call to a loved one, walk to a neighbor and deliver them a cup of tea or coffee, reach out to someone on your socials (leaving them a kindness note!), walk over to the next office or cubicle and look someone in the eye. Human connection. It does not necessitate that you SHARE all that "funk" with them (aka shifting the negative to them) it means making eye contact, hug it out if that is you, smile, and Connect. The research is clear on this, human contact helps lift us out of a stagnant moment in our workday and flow of productivity.

Winter 'FunK' at the Workplace

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