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Burnout ++

It is the buzzword of the last few years. If are in it right now, been through it, watched others in the mucky middle of it. It is harsh. It is a sneaky feeling that is muddled with fear, paralysis, terror, sadness, 'fake-it-until-you-make-it-bs', masking, denial, and anxiety and/or depressive symptoms leading to mental health breakdowns. Bottom is hard.

Asking for or receiving support and help in the middle of it is nearly impossible for some. We are living the great resignation, quiet and loud quitting, and many helping and front line professionals that cannot see out of the deep layers of burnout. They and You are not alone. If you are reading this and need a life line of even the next step forward. Email, text, shout, pass a note, send and SOS. There are humans near you ready (that have likely been in this as well) that are ready to assist. Start small, by sharing it with someone you trust....that is movement that can lead to real healing.

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