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Creating Space

When I open my calendar, I need to see open spaces. TIME that is empty for being.

How do you create more space for you? How do you turn down the volume of noise in your day, life, world? It starts with you. There is no magic pill. YOU are the magic. You create the space by canceling out the noise. You have the magic eraser. We fall into the trap of doing more, having more, getting more, instead of just being. Being still.

Where can you see more space in your life?

  • Is there a commitment you said 'yes' to that you can now offer a polite but firm 'no' to,

  • Can you find a way to take yourself out of a role --> delegate a task to a family member, colleague, or friend,

  • Is there a news feed or social media account you can turn off, mute, unfollow,

  • Are there subscriptions you are not using that take up email, $$, and time,

  • Is there an organization that needs someone else's voice, energy and experiences?

Making space in your life for the people and commitments that allow you to feel connected, joyful, and ultimately less stretched and stressed. Erase something and find the space for you. In the open spaces, with the noise turned down...we allow ourselves to hear our own voice.

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