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Decision Fatigue...

How a small decision can turn your life around and yet making one can seem like a monumental task. In any given day we make 100's of decisions. For ourselves, for our clients/patients/students, and for our loved ones. It happens in a nano second sometimes and in what can seem like a time warp with others. Heck...stand in the peanut butter isle of a grocery store, notice how our closets are bursting and we have a hard time picking out something to wear, to making life decisions: moving, starting or ending relationships, career pivots...All of these add up and cause decision fatigue.

The tiniest moment. It happens like that, in a snap. We are often waiting for the big moments to ultimately make us feel changed. It isn't the case. When you are teetering and tottering on a decision...Ask for help. Talk to a mentor. Hire a coach. Moving forward with support can make all the difference and allow us to find joy and live Vibrantly!

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