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Living one step at a a pandemic

There are lots of reasons to feel panicked today. The news creates a fearful picture and it is serious. We like and need to be informed, but not 24/7. Pull away and find tiny joy in the moments or allow each other to feel it all deeply in the 'muck'. Each person will go through a range of emotions in an hour or day or week.

  • Equip your self with lots of tools to navigate through this. Self-care is deeply needed for you and all the people in your life. It be different in a pandemic. Dig deep in your toolbox. Ask what others are doing.

  • Lean in, ask for help, and for some of us this will be a new muscle to exercise.

  • Give back to others right now. This is the time to check on your neighbors, if you are heading out for supplies ask if a neighbor needs something, write old fashioned letters, sort through all those closets to find things to leave for others, support online businesses with giftcards, drop off food at a pantry, look for the helpers and support them.

One thing I know for sure is if we look too far ahead or think of all the leads to more fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. Try hard to stay in the moment. Take ONE step. Ask yourself and your loved ones what do they need right this moment to feel safe, secure, and loved. This will bring us together in ways we were not prepared for...sharing money, supplied, gifts, talents, and our resources. I talk more here: Jenna Schneider -> She Leads Her Life - #iTunes #covid19 #selfcareinpandemics

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