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It is that time....some of you have started (~3 weeks ago!), a new habit or goal. Some of you are starting over today or plan to start NEXT week, ....either way...’Starting’...

I love thinking about fresh starts, new beginnings, feeling those pangs of nervous energy that propels one forward. This is an exciting time of year and yet settling into a full new decade is daunting, others seem to already be 'crushing it', and maybe you are just plain stuck. Be kind to yourself in this new month of a new decade. You can start ANYTIME, at the top of every minute, hour, day, week or month. A fresh clean slate doesn't even have to be in the morning. You get to decide. The other humans that appear to be 'crushing it' are all starting, re-starting, and likely navigating their way to their own goals and dreams.

Starting rituals are one of my favorite concepts to teach about in my women's health class and motivational interviewing. I love thinking about a cue to action which can trigger you to start. Is there an alarm, a stickie note, setting out your gear the night before for the hike, a text reminder....some small action that moves you to action. Inspired Action.

What is your starting ritual look like? What are you starting in your life?

Fresh Starts

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