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Stay the Course

Start with a good brain dump...put in all out on a blank piece of paper. Every single thing that comes to your mind first thing in the morning or last thing at the end of the day (or heck, middle of the day!). I find that when I am scattered, worried, or overwhelmed with the world, hate, politics, my kids, work, It has to be released somewhere. Now many of you will walk, run, meditate, talk it out, sleep,......that is all great, too, just find YOUR way to stay the course. The road moving forward in our world is going to be different. It is going to be hard, bumpy and dark AND it will be good and joyful. Life can be all of these at once. In health and education and the work I do...staying the course means, doing hard things in hard times. I love the brain dump and have been teaching it for over a decade, so long I cannot even give proper credit, but Morning Pages by Julia Cameron is also a great way to relieve our brains of all the lists, worries, thoughts, ideas. It allows me to stay the course!

How are you staying the course? What works for you?

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