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Walk the line.

Being intentional takes courage, takes time, and intentionality. I can attest to walking a fine line during these shorter, darker days. My fuse is shorter, my attention span lessens, and I feel depleted more easily. Here is what being intentional looks like for me:

  • Staying connected with family -- long calls or conversations that are about deeper things.

  • Finding one new thing to learn or do each week; (small things like trying a new recipe or new running route);

  • Spending time away from technology when we are not working;

  • Planning something for the future (a trip, a remodel, a savings plan for a splurge);

  • And I employ all my rituals that ground me daily, weekly, seasonally.

It also looks like breathing and NOT being intentional. Resting all systems.

How are you walking the line....

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