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What am I waiting for? Time to start...

What are you putting off? A new career, a hobby, taking care of your body, calling to make an appointment with a therapist, getting involved in policy work, attending a different faith service, using your voice on something that matters to you...

We all do it. We wait. We tell ourselves it doesn't matter, I will do it later. We avoid JOY. We take care of so many other's needs & wants.

This seems silly, trivial or that is so clearly what I have told myself for 10+ years. Being a does that fit with being a professor, a mom...I am too old, it is too expensive, etc.....All the excuses. All to avoid something that would bring so much JOY. I love music. I am starting today. What are you ready to try? What are you done thinking about and ready to start?

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