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Keynote Speaking

Keely at a podium with bright smile and engaged with a national audience at.a conference.

"Dr. Rees is a remarkable speaker. She was engaging and provided practical advice on how to care for my physical and mental health."

Inspire and inform


Dr. Rees has been an invited and peer-reviewed speaker and facilitator at more than 150 regional, national, and international events.  She is an experienced presenter, trained to maximize audience engagement and comprehension.  She enjoys connecting with the audience and challenges and equips them to take away inspired action.  

Keynote topics:

  • Organizational health, going beyond the bottom line 

  • Compassion fatigue, saving yourself as you save others

  • Taking care of the caretakers

  • True self-care when wine and a nap just won't cut it

  • Personal health and nutrition

  • Intentional parenting

  • Dealing with digital natives in parenting

  • Public health advocacy

  • Women in the workplace

  • Healthy relationships and sexuality

  • Surviving stress through contemplative practices

  • Got balance? Managing academics, social life, and sleep on campus

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