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It is ok to pause. My mantra daily, giving myself the push to pause. I put so much energy into my work, clients, students, family, and sometimes we literally cannot do it without a giant (or small) pause. Step back, slow down and figure out the next step forward. Not only a good night sleep kind of pause, a real unplug and almost put everything on hold. Advocacy takes a lot of energy. Activism is relentless, and without pause, rest, and refocus I cannot 'do the work'. So we rest. We sit. We talk to mentors, friends and tune out the rest of the noise. That to me is renewal. Not one day or only at the top of a new year, I do this frequently throughout the year and often need to be reminded to do it more often. In the middle of winter, renewal is there under the sleet, rain, grey, snow -- it is up to us to find it and carve a path to renewal..... instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption. Oxford Language

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